Maggie Yount is a pre and postnatal corrective exercise specialist, a certified personal trainer, a wellness expert with a decade of experience in nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness for mind-body health, and a full-time mom and entrepreneur.

Maggie works with moms from preconception to birth, and beyond, to help them nurture healthier babies and build a more resilient body for a strong, pain-free pregnancy, an easier birth, and a faster/better recovery after their baby arrives.

She helps moms have beautiful empowered births for themselves and their babies because she believes in educating her clients about their bodies' abilities, their birthing options, and how to optimally connect to their core and pelvic floor muscles so they can feel more ease during labor.

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Maggie healed completely after she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, 14 broken bones, and near death when her car was struck head-on by a drunk driver at the age of 23.  Maggie's experiences with trauma, treatment, healing herself, and doing what was necessary to have a healthy pregnancy and birth free of complications, gives Maggie expertise she is passionate about sharing in order to help other mamas  avoid medical interventions and birth injury so they can have the best pregnancy, birth experience, and recovery possible.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada, Maggie is now a dual Canadian/US citizen. She loves road trips, photography, is a lifelong equestrian, and is passionate about pre/postnatal health and wellness for mom and baby. 

Maggie loves healthy, organic food, fonts, good grammar (even though she knows hers isn't perfect!), everyday magic, babies, natural healing, and she constantly seeks out ways to learn more about everything so that she might of even greater service to her clients, family, and herself. 

Maggie has a B.A. in print journalism from Concordia University in Montreal, QC and before her accident, she worked for weekly newspapers in Montreal, and at Surfer Magazine.

Maggie now lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, baby boy, two dogs, and a cat. 

You can read the details of her accident story HERE.
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