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As a 42 year old mother of four children (ages ranging from 18 years to 5 months old), I thought I was destined to have a leaky bladder whenever I jogged, jumped, ran, or sneezed. I could sometimes avoid the trickle if I slowed down my activity and made sure I emptied my bladder before jumping on a trampoline with my kids or chasing after them. But the sneezes...they were the worst! Sneezes come without warning, and mine always come in three consecutive bursts. 

A 45 minute  Zoom video session with Maggie saved me worry and embarrassment, and also helped to increase my activity level.

As I explained my issues, Maggie listened with compassion and empathy. She assured me that she could help me strengthen my pelvic floor so that I wouldn't have to worry when I felt a triple-sneeze coming on, or wouldn't feel the pangs of mom-guilt for not being able to jump, run, and play with my kids.

For the past 18 years, I thought I had been doing my kegels correctly, but I was wrong. Maggie explained the muscular structure of my pelvic floor using language that painted a clear, visual picture for me as she described how I should engage those muscles. Once I had the picture in my head of how the muscles connected to the bones in the pelvic region, it was simple for me to understand how she wanted me to do the exercises that she recommended. 

I really appreciate that she took into account my busy lifestyle and current activity level when she put the pelvic floor plan together with me, offering ways to get the exercises in while I went about my day. She even suggested substitutions for equipment that I didn't have so I could start right away using what I already had.

I've been practicing her exercises for a few weeks, and have already seen a big difference. I don't have to change my underwear when I sneeze anymore. I was able to jump on a trampoline with my 3-year-old and not worry that I would have leaky bladder. And, my husband has commented a few times how he's liking the shape of my behind.

Thanks to Maggie, I can stop calling my lady bits "old and leaky". 

~ Christine DiPilla - PENNSYLVANIA 


"I did the 45 minute session with Maggie and it was awesome!  I went into it with a couple questions and felt completely satisfied and motivated at the end of our session.  She gave me some new ideas and tips and answered my questions about things I had been trying.  Definitely worth the time and money!"

~ Abbey Olson - MONTANA


"My call with Maggie was incredibly insightful. She is very knowledgeable and her passion for helping others is evident when you talk to her. Maggie is a great listener and immediately makes you feel at ease and in a safe and supportive environment. I am looking forward to putting into practice the tips and recommendations she gave me. I would absolutely recommend working with her. "

~ Melissa Offner - CANADA

Maggie is a certified personal trainer, a pre and post natal corrective exercise specialist, and a mom. She healed her own diastasis recti after pregnancy, and healed herself fully after suffering multiple severe injuries in a near-fatal car accident. 

Maggie also holds a bachelor's degree in print journalism, and has over 9 years of experience in mind-body wellness, healing, nutrition, and exercise.
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